We Should All Start Snuggling Up On Giant, Plush Baked Potatoes

(Chives are optional.)


Food for thought: a pizza lookalike sleeping bag with veggie pillow toppings; a baked potato bean bag chair.| Photos via Etsy.

In today’s installment of ridiculous things you can buy, we have soft goods—pillows, sheets, a sleeping bag—that look like various edible things, because there is nothing quite like resting your weary head on a plush onion ring.

The made-to-order collection is by B Fiber and Craft Emporium, a Glen Mills company owned by recent Tyler School of Art grad Brook Abboud. Her small, so-bizarre-it’s-charming line features items traditionally found in grocery stores—bacon, vegetables, pizza, potatoes—rendered in hand-dyed cotton.


Breakfast in bed: waffle sheets with fruit pillow toppings and a syrup blanket. | Photo via Etsy.

Weird but intriguing, right? The details: The baked potato is a bean bag chair and comes with a satin butter pillow. (The chive print is optional.) As for the pizza bag, toppings are sold separately. You can order your little slice of heaven with pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, broccoli and onions, or keep it plain if you’re a weird pizza purist.

The waffle sheet set is dyed by hand and comes with a syrup-colored top sheet and butter-colored pillow cases. Fruit toppings are additional, but you should spring for at least a few strawberry pillows to show people that you don’t scrimp on important things like breakfast food.

Interested? The pieces are available on Etsy; pillows start at $20 and go up to $35; the plain pizza slice sleeping bag and the baked potato bean bag chair are $200. (Psst: If you’re more into food-themed wearables, there are also scarves that look like noodles and sauce, a slice of bacon, an asparagus spear, a celery stalk, a carrot and a cannoli.)

Now, who’s hungry?