Market Report: 5 Bad Beauty Habits To Break This Year

Plus: The new face of Céline, the advent of smart mirrors, and Brad Pitt's nail art.

  • Searching for a manageable New Year’s resolution? Look no further, here are the five bad beauty habits you need to break—and never have a chipped mani again. [Vogue]
  • Acclaimed author Joan Didion is the surprising new face of Céline’s new ad. [Time]
  • Get ready to see every teeny-tiny pore on your face with the help of the smart mirrors that debuted at the Consumer Electronic Show. [Motherboard]

  • Turns out certain foods can not only cause breakouts but also thin and age your skin. Yikes. [Style List]
  • Did Brad Pitt just get nail art? Answer: Sort of. [The Cut]


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