Seven Fashion Trends To Embrace In 2015—And Three To Avoid

Are culottes really necessary?


Which are you ready to try?

Another year, another long list of trends that will sweep through stores. And even if you swear that you don’t care about trends—which, yes, can feel alarmingly fleeting and curiously random—it’s impossible to completely avoid their influence. And this is where it gets tricky: Which are actually worth following? Sure, culottes seem like a good idea, especially when expertly styled in the pages of Vogue and on willowy street-style stars, but what about in real life?

Here’s a handy rundown of seven trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2015—all of which are worth adopting, and none of which will ever fade entirely out of style. (Proof: Platforms are back.) Oh, and just for good measure, I’ve also got three that you should probably avoid. Consider this your guidebook to looking fresh this new year.

Embrace These Trends:

1. Platforms (yes, really).
The vertiginous footwear is proof that fashion truly is cyclical. And that’s precisely why platforms are a worthy investment. Not only will they consistently rotate in and out of fashion, they’re also the most comfortable way to wear towering heel heights.

2. Grown-up denim.
Forget last year’s shredded jeans. 2015 introduces a whole new side of denim, one that’s sophisticated, tailored and way more office-friendly than you’re used to seeing. Check out these runway looks for inspiration.

3. Fringe.
I’ve been dreaming about Tamara Mellon’s black leather fringed skirt for very long time (you can get it, for $895). But fringe can worn in more subtle ways, like on a bag or at the very edge of a skirt. Either way, go for it.

4. Long vests.
Go for a knee-skimming gilet and layer it over everything. You’ll look instantly cooler, and—bonus!—it’s the best transitional piece you’ll ever buy.

5. White on white on white.
Spring 2015 runways were awash with the non-color, proving that no matter how you slice it, piling on white pieces is always a slam dunk.

6. Sheer.
But not high-waisted granny panties underneath a sheer skirt. That look’s been done far too many times. Opt for a gauzy top instead and pair with a high-waisted pencil skirt for a more modern update.

7. Flats!
In particular: white sneakers for spring, gladiators for summer, and loafers for right now. (Hey, you’ll need a break from those platforms.)


Proceed With Caution (Or Avoid Altogether):

1. Gingham.
While I’m not wholly against the trend, I do think it should be executed with extreme caution. A gingham overdose—while cute on a runway model with mile-long legs—has the power to completely overwhelm a shorter frame, or look sadly twee. You don’t want any Dorothy references, do you? Better off spending your money on something with more staying power, like bold florals.

2. Athleisure.
The latest trend in activewear sees brands creating lines of clothing made for both the gym and daily life. (Think of Lululemon’s yoga pants, which are cute enough to wear to the grocery store.) Now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, which means more overpriced leggings than you could ever imagine, and people thinking it’s okay to wear them to happy hour. Don’t fall for it.

3. Culottes.
As I said before, this is a tough one. In theory, I love this. But, like gingham, execution is key, and the cropped pants make leg-stumpification (yes, this is a real-ish term) a very real threat. As easy option for the sartorially timid? Go for long, flared pants instead, which are also having a moment right now. They make legs look miles long and, just like skinny cigarette pants, they never really go out of style.