Market Report: 30 Gifts You Should Never, Ever Give

Shopping, style and beauty headlines to read this a.m.


  • Pre-holiday-shopping PSA: Stay away from these 30 horrible gifts at all costs, especially the smoking mittens. WTF. [Refinery29]
  • Drexel students have just launched a Kickstarted campaign to create a new line of eco-friendly yogawear that’s made out of, get this, plastic bottles. And, guys, the pants are really, really cool-looking. [Be Well Philly]

  • Getting your makeup done by a pro? Before you go, don’t wax or get a spray tan, and, believe it or not, don’t go in makeup-less. Here’s why. [Byrdie]
  • Holiday party prep: Here are 25 party dresses under $150. [InStyle]
  • Sleep with your hair up, use dry shampoo sparingly, and more tips on how to make your blowout last for a full week. [Lipstick]