Kickstarter We Love: Graffiti Lamps, the Splashy Alternative to Boring Lights

A local artist takes street art indoors.


Light it up!

The latest Kickstarter campaign I’m digging is by a guy called Seth Manlove. (Yes, real name.) His lamps are completely handmade in his Lancaster County workshop and they’re a breath of fresh air in a home decor category that can take itself very seriously. (See: this. And this.)

While grand crystal concoctions have a place—Versailles—spunkier versions like Manlove’s feel cooler, fresher, a bit like your artwork jumped off the wall and splashed itself onto the nearest object. But it’s not all could-be-garish tagging—some of the designs are more polished than you’d expect.

The campaign, which just launched last Thursday, is seeking $5,000. (As of this post’s publishing time, it has garnered $1,307.) Go here to learn more about Manlove’s process, and to be a backer. See all designs below. (I love ‘World Town’ best.) Who said graffiti had to be limited to walls?