Buy Right Now: Lafayette Kanard’s Hand-Painted Limited-Edition Tees At Joan Shepp

The t-shirts we're buying now.


(Left) Kustoms By L.K. tees at Joan Shepp; (right) how to wear it.

I’m not a t-shirt person—at all. I feel like standard tees are boxy and unflattering (I’ve never met a t-shirt sleeve I haven’t hated).  The only way I will wear a t-shirt: If it’s impossibly paper-thin and very, very slouchy (really more of a tunic than a shirt), or if it’s one of Lafayette Kanard‘s hand-painted designs.

Kanard—a former architecture student—has collaborated with some of the brightest design minds in Philly, from Bela Shehu at NINObrand (the LESS and MORE collection) to the folks at Joan Shepp. Shepp stocked the hand-painted LEFT t-shirt collection  earlier this year, and now it’s back for a limited time.

You’ll find the t-shirts (in black with white lettering, white with black lettering, and navy with white lettering) on the second level with the menswear—though I recommend that women wear it, too. They’re $66 each and available only while supplies last.

Styling notes for girls: Buy it in a slightly larger size than you’d normally wear and pair with skinny pants (do the three-quarter tuck), a major necklace (or five) and a cropped faux fur jacket. Voilá!