Monday Obsession: Stellapop Sweaters, the Coolest Knits in Philly

These made-in-Philly sweaters have a cult following.


The best knits to invest in now. | Photos via Vagabond.

Mary Clark has been a fixture on the knitting scene (yes, there is a knitting scene) for some time. Vagabond devotees know this; the Old City boutique, which she co-founded, sells luxe yarns and other knitting supplies. These shoppers also know to be on the lookout for Stellapop, Clark’s line of handmade sweaters that have garnered a cult following. And we’re not the only ones: Her cozy pieces have made their way onto the sales floors—both real and virtual—of major retailers like Barney’s, Steven Alan and Anthropologie.

Why they’re worth investing in: The yarn is soft—like, sleeping on a bed made of clouds and cotton candy soft—and they’re all made right here in Philly. (Plus, I’ll take a gander that nothing coming out of your grandma’s knitting basket looks as cool as this.)

The Details: $160 at Vagabond, 37 North 3rd Street, Old City. Buy online here.


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