5 Coffee-Snob-Approved Gadgets For The Perfect Cup

Including the $5,000 coffee machine.


[1] The Dragon manual brewer, the brainchild of La Colombe co-founder Todd Carmichael, is handmade from high-grade borosilicate glass and includes the first-ever pour-over manual siphon. // $395 at lacolombe.com. [2] For the caffeine devotee: Tote this handheld portable espresso machine to get your fix on the go—no battery or electricity needed. // $127.22 at handpresso.com. [3] This manual grinder has an easy-to-maneuver torque along with a ceramic grinding mechanism—no rust!—that ensures even-sized grinds, for a smooth sip. // Kyocera ceramic coffee grinder, $49.99 at Fante’s, Bella Vista. [4] Designed for coffee shops, the part-manual, part-automatic Blossom One Brewer is luxe enough to justify the sky-high price. // $4,950 at blossomcoffee.com. [5] The speediest and most accurate scale on the market, the Pearl scale can read up to a tenth of a gram in an ultra-fast 20 milliseconds. // $129 at acaia.co.