Market Report: How to Shop For Plus-Size Clothing in Straight-Size Stores

The fashion, beauty and shopping news to know this morning.


  • These pro tips for how to navigate straight-size stores (like Zara) for sizes 14 and up are spot-on: Look for already oversize pieces (like capes and sweaters!), look for stretchy fabric, and consider wearing a straight-size dress as a top. [Refinery29]
  • The Apple watch isn’t even out yet and already people have gone nuts creating accessories for it, based on how they think it’ll actually look and work. Hey, don’t want to be late for the party. [Gizmodo]

  • Here are 9 things that all super-stylish people have in their homes. Go through the list and see if you’ve got ’em all. [Domaine]
  • And here is how to fake fuller lips, without going all Kylie Jenner clown-mouth on us. []
  • Have you read Diane von Furstenberg’s new memoir, The Woman I Wanted To Be? Here are the 10 most interesting facts from it, including that she once had an affair with Richard Gere! [Vogue]