Duke & Winston Debuts Fantastic New Antique Section Called Duke’s Library

Your shelves are in for a treat.


Images via Instagram.

Picture this: you’re sitting in a velvet wingback chair staring pensively at your worn copy of War and Peace (because, ya know, you’ve read it 23,592 times), sipping a snifter of aged brandy, presumably. The walls are lined with cherry bookshelves that are, of course, well-stocked but simultaneously styled with things like an heirloom ship model and iron Scottie dog bookends. Maybe throw in a marble bust or two.

Now, those amazing antique knickknacks that make your study look like a cross between a scene from Dead Poets Society and Winston Churchill’s library (I imagine) can be bought in Duke & Winston‘s fantastically curated new antique section, Duke’s Library. Items are pricey, but they do all the culling and heavy-lifting, leaving you with the most charming selection of preppy odds and ends to outfit your shelves.

Owner Seun Olubodun says the idea was conceived after people were requesting details about the decorations in their old NoLibs shop. Though those items were on loan from the Architectural Antiques Exchange, he says, “I realized people really liked the stuff, so when we moved to Center City, I just started collecting.”

Shoppers can expect everything from less expensive globes and ships to pricier goods like pub signs and croquet mallets.

You can peruse the selection at Duke & Winston’s brick-and-mortar shop (it’s back by the dressing rooms) at 1822 Chestnut Street or by visiting the Duke’s Library Instagram. Items for sale are posted on the account on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with handy deets like dimensions, materials, and price. Find something you like? Simply call ’em or stop by the shop for pick-up. (Items are currently unavailable for delivery.) Now, all you need is that snifter of brandy…