Study: 26 Percent Of People Start Holiday Shopping Before Halloween

Crazy or brilliant?

Here’s some shocking news for you: According to Google’s research on holiday shopping trends, 26 percent of shoppers will have already started their holiday shopping by Halloween this year. Yes, you read that right. As of today, about one-quarter of Americans have already started holiday shopping. 

We stumbled upon this curious study on Fashionista and immediately hated these people. They’re sort of like those annoying people at college who finish writing papers weeks before they’re due. Isn’t procrastination half the fun, that frenzied jaunt to the mall seconds before it closes? Hell, I haven’t even bought Halloween candy, let alone Christmas presents.

But is it really so crazy?

At Philly Mag Shops two weeks ago, several Philly Mag staffers in attendance observed that it was a gold mine for high-end Christmas presents, even though it was only October 5th. A boy-cut Rag & Bone blazer might seem like an unobtainable gift for sis, but with a 40 percent discount? October, be damned! One guy bought gifts for every woman on his list. His holiday shopping is pretty much finished. I was so jealous. This means he can sit back and actually enjoy the season instead of worrying about which gifts he’ll get where and for how much. The holiday season stretches out long and luxurious before him.

Of course, we’re not saying all your holiday shopping should be completed in one fell swoop in early October. There are major discounts to be had during the traditional holiday shopping season. In fact, according to Google’s study, “retailers are stretching Black Friday promotions across November, changing the focus from just one day to a month-long event.” But what’s the harm in snatching up a great gift if the opportunity presents itself?

The way we see it: Keep your eyes open for good pre-season deals now and don’t hesitate to scoop them up. Purchasing a few gifts in October and early November relieves December shopping stress, cuts down on last-minute shipping charges and saves your sanity—and potentially your wallet. Being able to focus less on gift-getting might just let you actually enjoy the whole holiday-cheer thing.

Just don’t brag too much when you’ve finished shopping by Thanksgiving, ‘kay?