Market Report: Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘King Of the World’ Jacket Is On Sale For How Much?!

The style and retail news to know today.


  • You know that scene in Titanic where Leo, er, Jack, stretches out his arms and shouts ‘I’m king of the world!‘? (Of course you do.) Well, that jacket—which was actually a vintage find by the costume designer—is being sold at an October 17th auction for a bargain price of $70,000. [Daily Mail]
  • Chelsea Clinton tried to go all Kate Middleton as she posed with her new baby outside of the hospital. [US Weekly]
  • Is this retailer actually more offensive than Urban Outfitters and American Apparel combined? (Hint: there are headdresses and snarky customer service emails.) [Styleite]

  •  In honor of Netflix streaming all 11 seasons of ‘Gilmore Girls’—starting TODAY!—here are the 11 best fashion moments from the show. Richard and Emily forever! [Fashionista]
  • How to tell if your suit fits in three easy steps: hug someone (your jacket should not feel as if it will break at the seams), curl your fingers at your sides (your jacket tail should fall right in your palm), and get a tailor. Stat. [Huffington Post]