Beard Oil, Pubic Hair and the Oxford Valley Mall: Top 10 Posts From Year One of Shoppist

Today, Shoppist turns one! Here are the posts you loved most.


That cupcake is not gluten-free.

Happy birthday to us!

It’s crazy to believe that Shoppist is one year old! Over the past 12 months, we’ve covered everything from store openings (you guys loved all our updates on the Rittenhouse Uniqlo progress) to store closings (sigh), to sales (so. many. sales). We took you behind crazy beauty treatments around town (see: vagina dyeing and steaming, weird salt beds) and dished out tips on where to shop for everything, and what to buy (you guys also loved these poop shoes).

Let’s take a walk down memory lane (and let’s do so in these!) and revisit the most popular posts from the last year. A hint: You guys are really, really into beard oil.

#10: 10 Ways to Style Sneakers With a Chic Outfit
You listened (well, through the computer) to me as I waxed poetic(ish) about my difficulty adopting the cool-girl sneakers-with-pencil skirts trend. (I’m still trying.)

#9: Field Guide: 5 Best Flea Markets
We love flea markets, and so do you. More flea market coverage, coming right up!

#8: Labia Makeup: Apparently Philly Is a Hotspot For Vagina Beauty Treatments
Yeah, our search history here is pretty crazy.

#7: CONFIRMED: Uniqlo Is Definitely Coming to Chestnut Street
Like I said, Philly freaking loves Uniqlo.

#6: Franklin Mills Is Being Renamed, Renovated
You guys love stories about Franklin Mills, er, sorry, Philadephia Mills. I think it’s a form of hate-reading.

#5: Why I Hate the Oxford Valley Mall
You guys had a lot to say about this one. Sorry, I still hate it.

#4: Philly Mag Fashion Project
Our annual quest to find the best local fashion designer is a hit! You guys voted, and voted, and voted again, for your favorite one. (And you still can, up until October 1st!)

#3: Everything You Need to Know About Lilly Pulitzer’s Major Warehouse Sale
We gave you the strategy to go into the sale prepared. The rest, though, that was up to you. (I hope you scored big.)

#2: POLL: Should Store Mannequins Have Pubic Hair?
Apparently not: Seventy-two percent of you said no.


And your favorite Shoppist post of all time?


[spaces in here for suspense]



#1: Why Every Guy With a Beard Needs Beard Oil
It seems that bewhiskered men are a very passionate bunch. They take their beard grooming seriously, and they’re really curious to know which beard oil is the best. (A tip I’ve gathered from the many comments: Apparently plain ‘ol olive oil is one of the best products to use on your beard.)

Here’s to another year of Shoppist! And thanks for reading (and shopping) along with us. Hey, is there something you want to see on the blog? Got a tip or a question? Send me a note at Now, please excuse me as I go buy myself a ‘birthday’ present.