Monday Obsession: Marmol Radziner’s Modern Architectural Rings

What I've found and loved on my weekly shopping jaunts.


I popped into Knit Wit in Rittenhouse last week to check out their new fall offerings. (I call this research.) The new fall merch is all fantastic—cozy sweaters, touches of leather, sleek dresses, every pant you could possibly want—but what really caught my eye was the metal slab jewelry in the front glass case.

This case is typically reserved for the store’s smattering of men’s accessories, mostly all by Paul Smith. (Go here for a quick gift he’ll love!) But now, the top shelf is filled with the most modern of jewels I’ve seen in a while.

They’re by Marmol Radziner, an LA-based architecture and interior design firm. (Go on, look at these spaces. They’re incredible, and they will make you want to move to California.) And judging by the clean, sharp lines of the architecture, it’s no surprise that the firm’s jewelry collection is just as starkly modern.

The metal collection can be worn by both men and women; the pieces have a solid heft to them and look just as fetching worn with flashier bands or on their own—one subtle adornment. My tip: Wear the dark bronze band on an index finger for a look that says, ‘Hello, there. I am too cool for diamonds.’

From $132 (the wide bands) to $352 (large split band), at Knit Wit.