Market Report: How to De-Pill Sweaters With This Magic Tool

The fashion and beauty news and tips to know this a.m.


  • The bad news: There’s no way to predict whether a sweater will pill—it happens to even the most expensive knits. The good news: There’s a whole science to sweater pilling, and great advice for getting rid of it. First things first? Don’t pull on them, leave the sweater razors alone, and grab a … pumice stone? [Wall Street Journal]
  • Did you know Sears has a drive-through service? You schedule a return or exchange online, and then alert the store via a mobile app when you’ve parked. Then a timer begins: Sears employees have five minutes (assistance within five minutes is guaranteed!) to run out to your car and help you. [Racked]

  • Oh, hell no. Bloody tampons are not earrings. Even if they’re faux bloody. THIS IS NOT OKAY. [Jezebel]
  • Stop what you’re doing and watch this compilation of the best Michael Kors’s Project Runway disses. My favorites: “Tin Man Hershey Kiss garbage newspaper” and “avocado goiter.” [Gawker]