Philly Mag Shops Sneak Peek: What The Atelier Has In Store

What to expect from fashion illustrator Melissa Noucas.


See all that goodness? You’ll find that and more at Philly Mag Shops!

If you went to Philly Mag Shops last year—and if you’ve checked out our jam-packed list of shops coming this year—then you know we pack clothing, shoes, bags and accessories in spades. But this year, we’re changing it up just a bit. We’ve sprinkled in a few gift-y shops to round out the mix, because we know that it’s just as much fun to shop for candles, stationery, vases, gift-y goods and small home decor as it is to buy coats and dresses and shoes.

But a prepared shopper is a smart shopper, so let’s dive into what some of the shops will be bringing, shall we?

First up: The Atelier, a still under-the-radar online shop featuring a small but mighty collection of stationery, prints, mugs, totes and cards—all featuring gorgeous fashion-focused illustrations. (Sound familiar? Loyal Shoppist readers already know about our love affair with it all.)

The gal behind the shop, Melissa Noucas, is coming armed with prints, stationery, totes and brand-new merch like mugs (if they arrive in time!). Keep you fingers crossed: The mugs are so good

Buy your tickets here, and I’ll see you October 5th!


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