Fall Hair Guides: How To Do 3 Easy Styles

A Philly hair pro shows us how to achieve total hair dominance.

We're loving these easy hairstyles to try out this fall | Images via Salon Vanity

We’re loving these easy hairstyles to try out this fall | Images via Salon Vanity

I like to think I have a pretty good eye for determining what’s attainable with my minimal hairstyling skill level (milkmaid braids, yes; faux-bobs, heck no), but no amount of hair intuition can replace step-by-step directions. Even better if these directions come from a total hair master. Enter: Edmondo Blando, owner of Salon Vanity at 1701 Walnut Street. He gave us the low-down on how to create some of his most-requested styles—and guys, they actually seem do-able, even easy. Grasshoppers, time to learn from the master.

Knotted Ponytail:

The easiest of the bunch: You can score this look in five minutes flat. “You can wear it loose and a little messy or tight and polished depending on how many times you knot your hair,” says Blando.


How to achieve this look:

1.     Separate your hair into two sections.
2.     Tie your hair into a knot.
3.     For a loose look, stop there. Knot it again (and again) for a tighter look. (The look above was knotted twice.)
4.     Secure your hair in place with bobby pins. (Blando only used two in the above look!)
5.     Spray your hair with hairspray to hold the look all day.

Top Knot:

Similar to the style donned by models in Nanette Lepore’s show this week, this top knot is a hairstyle mainstay. Blando suggests keeping the look polished: “Leave the messy bun for running errands. For work, your bun should be sleek and classy.”


• Sock or sock bun
Laque Noire hairspray by Kerastase
Hairpins (not bobby pins)

How to achieve this look:

1. Gather your hair just above the crown of your head and pull it into a ponytail.
2. Hold the end of your ponytail straight up in the air and slip the sock bun over it.
3. Hold the tip of your ponytail and spread the ends of the hair so that it covers the sock.
4. Roll the sock down the length of your ponytail, spreading and tucking your hair around the sock as you go.
5. Once you reach the end of your ponytail you should secure your hair with a few hairpins (not bobby pins!).
6. Spray your hair with hairspray to secure the look

Textured Bedhead:

It’s all about texture here. A note: This look only gets better after sleeping on it. 


• Diffuser
Baume Double Je by Kerastase (Styling Balm)
Texture Wave by Kerastase (Texture Spray)
• Hair elastic

How to achieve this look:

The night before:
1. Apply styling balm to wet hair. (Blando’s recommendation: Baume Double JC by Kerastase).
2. Diffuse your hair so until it’s about 75 percent dry. You want it to be a little damp.
3. Wrap your hair in a bun to set it overnight.

The morning of:
1. Take bun out.
2. Apply texturizing spray from roots to ends.
3. Brush through your hair with your fingers. Voila!