Dîner en Sweatpants Hilariously Mocks Fancy-Pants Dîner en Blanc

Can we stop pretending we're Parisians now?


It took these people nine hundred hours to get to this point. | Photo via Diner en Blanc.

I went to Dîner en Blanc last year. Sorry to all who love it, but I wasn’t a fan. Sure, once you’re all set up it’s kind of cool. But first you’ve got to actually get there. You have to wrangle a table (of a very specific size), white chairs, white linens, silverware and food. Then you’ve got to lug the whole lot to an undisclosed location, all while wearing fancy-ish white clothes. (You pay $68.50 for this.) Last year, we all ate our prepackaged dinners in front of 30th Street Station, in what just ended up looking like a very tacky, very huge wedding . Let’s just say it’s a far cry from picnicking in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower.

This year, a few other Dîners have popped up in the (inexplicably) successful wake of this faux-Parisian picnic. There’s Dîner en Noir (cheaper than its white counterpart), and now—because it was bound to happen, and I’m secretly happy it did—Dîner en Sweatpants, or as our A&E blog editor describes it, a “big middle finger to those other Dîners.” Head over to Ticket for all the juicy details.