Market Report: How to Wear Shorts if You Don’t Have Skinny Legs

And more style news and tips for your morning.

  • MR22I’ve long had a hate-hate relationship with shorts, mostly because my legs are pretty muscular. However, this roundup of shorts that are flattering on less-than-lanky legs gave me hope! (The key: Opt for wide-legged shorts that are cut on an angle.) [The Man Repeller]
  • Woman shows off incredible two-story “she-cave” closet on Good Morning America; thieves steal $1 million in designer goods from it one week later. [Daily Mail]

  • It’s one of my favorite style hacks, and it instantly doubles your wardrobe. Behold, how to turn a skirt into a dress, as illustrated by Olivia Palermo. [Glamour]
  • Glitter nail polish can be fun, until you go to take it off. Here’s how to remove it all for good—no silly specks left behind! [Elle]
  • Oh nononononoNO. Frosted lipstick is trying its darndest to make a comeback. [The Cut]