Covet: We’re Utterly in Love With Dylanlex’s Fashion Armour

This necklace tops our list.


Photo by Dom Savini.

If most oversize baubles are statement pieces, then the colossal collars by Dylanlex are shouted-from-the-rooftop proclamations.

Drew Ginsburg, a 2009 Drexel University grad, first nabbed attention for her handmade jewelry on Instagram. She began creating hefty made-to-orders featuring heaping drapings of Swarovski crystals that have garnered national attention (Rihanna and Rachel Zoe are fans) and now adorn the necks of fashion’s most vocal flock.

The Details: Frankie necklace, $810 at Dylanlex.


Photo by Dom Savini. Originally appeared in Philadelphia magazine’s August 2014 issue.