What to Wear Under Your Sheer, Lacy, See-Through Stuff

Fashion blunders, be gone!

When it comes to clothes, everything seems to get more sheer in the summer. Add to that a perennially sunny backdrop that acts like a spotlight on any not-completely-opaque garments, and you’re got a recipe for embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. My solution? The Best. Slips. Ever. They’re from Free People and comfy, completely matte, and come in eight shades—the slip trifecta!

I started wearing Free People’s seamless rompers when the built-in slips and linings weren’t quite cutting it against the blazing sun and bare legs. The rompers do all the things that traditional slips can’t. They have connected legs, so there’s no risk of them riding up. They’re extremely comfortable, not overly clingy, and don’t suffocate like shapewear. And they come in eight different colors so you can pair ’em with even the trickiest-hued garments. In fact, they’re so wearable that I’ll pair them with a chunky sweater as loungewear when I’m relaxing at home. Plus, at $38 a pop, they’re an inexpensive way to start actually wearing the semi-sheer section of your closet. You wallet—and closet—will thank you.