Christian Louboutin Launches Nail Polish Line With Terrifying Packaging and Video

It's the stuff of nightmares.


Nail polish or weapon? | Photo via Christian Louboutin.

Perhaps Monsieur Louboutin should stick to shoes.

The king of heels is branching out into beauty. His first stop: a nail polish collection, which at this moment consists of only one color, Rouge Louboutin, which shoe-lovers will recognize from the shiny soles of Louboutin shoes.

On the Christian Louboutin website, there is a trippy, Tim Burton-esque promotional video for the nail polish that is pretty much the stuff of my nightmares.

First, there is a crazy anime-like universe where everything is pointy and giant pearls float around ominously.

Then the spiky heel of a pair of terrifyingly high shoes suddenly doubles and spins off crazily, which is really a nightmare in itself.

 After this, spiky blood bottles float around. It’s all very menacing and it makes me want to do anything other than paint my nails.

Flash to a blood-red mani.

The polish is $50 (no, not a typo. It’s really $50), and it comes in that eight-inch tall glass bottle, because beauty is pain and nothing is more painful than accidentally stabbing yourself with a $50 bottle of nail polish. Ready for a mani?