Market Report: 5 Eyeliner Mistakes You’re Making

And more style and beauty news to know this morning.

  • MR13Raccoon eyes, begone! Did you know cat-eye beginners should use gel instead of liquid liner? And stop pulling on your eyes to get a straight line. Tilt your chin up instead and look down for an ultra-smooth swipe. Hey, the more you know. [Elle]
  • Have we all reached our Michael Kors saturation point? Analysts are beginning to worry that the Kors bubble has finally burst. This is not so great for Philly, as Kors is opening a store on Walnut Street. [CNBC]

  • Avoid caffeine to help bikini waxes hurt less. (And no, it’s not just because you’ll be too tired to notice.) [The Coveteur]
  • Did you know that General Electric makes sneakers? Yup. They partnered with sneaker label Android Homme to make a limited-edition run of “moon boots”—high top sneakers to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. All 100 pairs sold out. [Footwear News]
  • Say what you will about GOOP, but Gwyneth’s legs are something of a toned miracle. Her secret (other than eating air and working out nine times a day)? Prtty Peashun, her favorite bronzing, toning and firming lotion, which has just launched in travel sizes! [People]


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