This Local Hero Designs Awesome Hospital Gowns for Cancer Patients

"I knew I might not be able to control cancer, but I could control what I wore."

Image via Megan Baggott/Rock Creative Media, LLC.

Image via Megan Baggott/Rock Creative Media, LLC.

For those affected by or have loved ones affected by cancer, we have good news that comes in the form of cozy, brightly colored kimono-style robes. And it’s all possible because insanely awesome people like Brenda Jones exist.

During Jones’ own battle with cancer back in 2008, the South Jersey resident started making her own unique robes to avoid the unsightly hospital-issued gowns worn during radiation. The robes caught on, and suddenly everyone wanted their own, to which Jones happily obliged. It was her “Vera Wang moment,” she says.

Jones has since made over 1,000 wraps, of which a portion has been donated to Nazareth Hospital in Philly. The wraps are designed with the needs of the patient in mind and have specialized pockets that accommodate ports, drains, dressing changes, Plus, there are no metal snaps, hooks or buttons to alleviate potential skin irritation, and they can be customized to include additional pockets for pumps and drains as necessary.

Hug Wraps now exists as a 501(C)3 nonprofit and Jones still makes all of the wraps herself. For an adult size, it costs an average of $60, plus $10 shipping for each robe, so the organization relies heavily on donations. Visit Hug Wrap’s website to celebrate this awesome lady and donate to help keep Hug Wraps available to hospital patients.