Monday Obsession: Zola’s Ceramic Wall Planters

Let your sprigs graduate from their nursery pots and into these artsy planters.

Confession: I may be one of those people who, in a fit of excitement, buys herbs and succulents galore at farmers markets and then lets them sit on my counter for, well, basically their lifetimes. (That is, I eventually forget about them and they die.) To combat what seems like the inevitable, an artsy-cool planter is just the thing to incentivize keeping my plants alive. My saving grace: Zola’s Geometric Wall Hanging Planters.

The planters—which can easily pass for works of art sans plants—are individually sculpted and glazed by hand. Plus at 5 to 7 inches in size, they’re relatively lightweight and can be hung easily with two nails. I’m not saying you’ll grow a green thumb overnight, but at least your home will look a little bit cooler with this addition.

Details: Geometric Wall Hanging Ceramic Planter in Stoneware in No. 2 and No. 3, both $116 at