Street Style: How to Shop Local Like a Pro

The boutiques this fashion insider hits in Philly.


Photo by Evan Schapiro.

Name: Julia Sherwood Murphy

Hood: Rittenhouse Square

Day Job: Director of client services at Commonwealth Proper in Rittenhouse

Where We Found Her: On her way to North Shore Beach Club

What She’s Wearing: Von Vonni dress (“Interesting fact:  There are four seams on the dress, all of which are produced by the same machine. This company is a model of how to produce in America. Its innovation and the brilliance in its approach are rarely given the attention and recognition deserved.”); Prada bag; Alexis Bittar necklace (” “The necklace was a gift from ‘E. Bunny’—Easter bunny.  My mother, love her, is a Jew who loves Easter, and this was her gift to me this year.  The enclosure: ‘Believe in me, or else. – E. Bunny.’ She’s a funny one.”); Schutz espadrilles; Nina Ricci sunglasses.

Where She Shops: Joan Shepp, Knit Wit, NINObrand (“I wear their dresses almost exclusively at this point”), Third Street Habit, Lost + Found; TownHome; Tselaine, Norman Porter; Madewell, Diesel and (“They carry so many of the smaller, foreign designers I love.”)

Sound Bite: “As someone in this industry, I look forward to the era — which I believe is on the horizon — where fashion will be local, locally produced, humane and a contributor to our communities and local economies. This is a huge part of why I work for CMMP, and the source of the enjoyment I get from my work. Philadelphia has begun to articulate itself as a fashion capital in this country — which is consistent with its previous status as the center of garment manufacture in the USA, especially in the realm of menswear.”


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