Market Report: This Cocktail Ring Tells You When You Get a Text

And more style news to know this morning.



  • Skip the Google Glass. A cocktail ring that flashes light when you get a text (or an important call) is wearable technology we can get behind. [Fashionista]
  • If this humidity is wreaking havoc on your curly hair like me, then you need to read these five tips to get your curly hair through the rest of the summer. [Huffington Post]
  • We alter our hair and makeup to fit our face shapes—why not sunglasses? Rockstar daughter Georgia May Jagger spills on the best sunglasses for every face shape. (Apparently, I should be wearing a square variety.) [Refinery 29]

  • According to celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose, red-carpet makeup tutorials are a bunch baloney. In fact, if we tried to wear it on a normal basis, we’d look like we got in a fight with a bag of flour. [The Cut]
  • It’s about time. After two very confusing years, the struggling brand Abercrombie is doing a little rebranding and dropping the “Ivy League Heritage” shtick.  [Jezebel]


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