Monday Obsession: Isabel Marant Étoile’s Dip-Dyed Jeans

A fashion-forward upgrade on summer's white denim.

I’m sure I’ve posted about these before, but I can’t help it: I’m obsessed with them. White denim is a total summer staple, but there’s the whole problem of, you know, actually sitting down in them. Plop down on one not-quite-so-clean chair or a particularly stain-y square of grass and you’ve suddenly got a dirty bottom. This is, of course, wildly unsexy.

I very sincerely doubt that Ms. Marant had grass-stained bums in mind when she designed these dip-dyed Pradley jeans for her spring 2014 collection, but I’m sure even the queen of Parisian summer chic takes a seat with a little less caution when she wears them. But it’s not just function that makes me swoon. The just-slouchy-enough fit and the interesting take on ubiquitous ombré make me love these jeans just as much as I loved the pair that sauntered down Dries Van Noten’s S/S’11 runway, which will forever be The Pair That Got Away. Sigh. So don’t let these be the pair that got away; scoop up ’em at Eaves in Wayne. And then go sit in the grass.

Isabel Marant Étoile dip-dyed Pradley jeans, $298 at Eaves, Wayne.