Field Guide: 8 Best Shops in Fishtown

Artsy upstarts, salvaged goods and cool couturiers.


The most shoppable salon in Phily is The Parlour, which pairs luxe brands with some of their own housemade miracle-workers. | Photo by Courtney Apple.

The shopping here is less of a neat cluster and more of a slowly unfurling trail of gems that leads you all the way up Frankford Avenue to the edge of Kensington. Sure, there are barren pockets along the way, but these speak less to what’s missing and more to the neighborhood’s possibilities. And if what comes along is anything like the fantastically motley collection already here — from the festival-ready baubles and fringed moccasins at Adorn (1314 Frankford Avenue) to the acclaimed selection of antique furniture at 20th Century by HFKA (1311 Frankford Avenue) — we can expect big things.

Coming up next, a La Colombe flagship cafe and distillery next to The Parlour, and rumors of a boutique hotel. Whether this increases foot traffic or just makes parking a nightmare remains to be seen. For now, make a beeline to this brimming retail corridor, where you’ll find everything from an incredible atelier to some of the best vintage shopping in the entire city.