Market Report: Whoa, J.Crew is Launching a Lower-Priced Chain Store Called Mercantile

The fashion news to know this morning.

  • Ready for a happy start to a Monday? J.Crew—with its ever skyrocketing prices—is launching J.Crew Mercantile, a lower-priced chain store. Whaaat. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Had a rough weekend? Here’s how to go to work with wet hair. (It’s so good, you’ll never dry your hair again.) [Fashionista]
  • Johnny Weir wore a flying horse on his head. Really, are you surprised? [The Cut]

  • A fantastically illustrated guide to the faces of Fashion World, broken down into Mean Girls cliques. And no, you can’t sit with any of them. [The Coveteur]
  • And here are the craziest things people wore to the Kentucky Derby. [Go Fug Yourself]


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