You Need to Try the Build-Your-Own Eyewear Bar at KOP’s New Oakley Store

The options are endless.

If you haven’t been the to the new Oakley store in King of Prussia—it opened April 5th—you need to check this out. The store features a one-of-a-kind custom eyewear bar where you can pick and choose all the best features for your sunglasses.

How it works: You can select from a frame style, lens tints (think: a full spectrum of colors) and icons. When it’s all said and done, about seven choices (plus the dozens of options within each of those choices) go into each pair of glasses. That’s some serious customization.
The location also has one of Oakley’s first in-store optical centers, with an in-store optician who can fill your prescription. Another cool tech feature: They read and record your measurements with a lightweight device that fits onto chosen frames and snaps a picture and records your info. No hassle, no waiting. Done and done.