Your First Look at Concrete Polish’s New Jewelry Collection

The Philly-made jewelry line we covet.

Pieces from Concrete Polish’s latest collection.

When I think of my jewelry collection, I think of it in tiers. Tier 1: Jewelry that I love (my vintage bangles). Tier 2: Jewelry that I love so much I wear it nearly every day (my Lee Hale rose thorn stud earrings from Egan Day). Tier 3: My wedding band stack—an engagement ring sandwiched between two thin diamond bands. To make it to the first two tiers isn’t too hard, but to break into that third tier, well, that’s pretty much impossible. Enter Concrete Polish, Angela Monaco’s line of sculptural jewelry, which secured a prime spot right smack-dab in the middle of my diamond stack.

Angela still turns out the spiked ring I now wear every day (it’s a nice foil to precious diamonds, no?), but you should really pay attention to her new collection, which she’s just launched for the spring. The collection, which ranges from $275 to $2,200, is called ‘Of The Earth,’ and the name rings true: Each piece feels like it’s been plucked from some mystical jungle. You know, the kind where sterling silver vines wrap around clusters of gemstones (that would be this insanely cool ring), and instead of buds, golden branches sprout huge, craggy Herkimer diamonds (that’s this ring). Check out the entire line below, see it in person at Angela’s NoLibs workshop/boutique, Ritual Ritual, and prepare to introduce some Tier 3 jewelry into your collection.