BREAKING: Plage Tahiti is Closing at the End of June

The contemporary sister store to Knit Wit is shuttering this summer.


Plage Tahiti. Photo via Yelp.

Plage Tahiti has long been regarded as Knit Wit‘s younger, trendier sister.  Today, owner Ann Gitter confirmed that the store, located at 128 South 17th Street, will close its doors on June 30th. “I’m totally excited about it,” Gitter told me over the phone. “It’s going to make my other store [Knit Wit] so much more fun.”

Gitter also noted that the closing has nothing to do with difficult landlords or rising rents. While she does admit that the layout of the store is tricky (and shoppers who’ve been to Plage can attest to this: The narrow layout and rather tight stairs to the second floor can be difficult to navigate), she says the main reason for closing is to boost the vibe of Knit Wit, which tends to cater to an older clientele with its high-end, higher priced selection.

Meanwhile, Knit Wit’s Margate location carries a mix of lines found at its Rittenhouse outpost (more costly pieces by Vince, Alexander Wang, A.L.C.) and Plage Tahiti (less expensive items from contemporary brands like Alice + Olivia, Parker, Young Fabulous & Broke). And this high-low(er) mix works: “In Margate, my store has so much more energy than my store here [in Rittenhouse] because I have younger and older customers together,” Gitter says. “I want to combine and have all that merchandise in one store. I want the more contemporary with the more designer in one place.”

What you can expect to find at Knit Wit in Rittenhouse come July: More of those contemporary lines (read: wallet-friendlier, so you can indulge in a few impulse buys while saving up for that ridiculous Phillip Lim foiled moto vest), along with swimwear from lines like Calypso and Marc Jacobs, plus hats and beach bags. “I just want [the store] to have a different vibe. I want it to be more fun. I don’t want it to feel serious, and that you can’t come in and buy just a great t-shirt or straw hat for $50.”

As we know, a big store closing always comes with an even bigger sale, and this is no exception. Now through June 30th, the entire Plage store is 60 to 90 percent off, until supplies last. It starts tomorrow, so better schedule an early “coffee meeting” now. Oh, and don’t worry about missing your favorite shopgirls; they’re all coming along to Knit Wit for the ride.

No word yet on who’s taking the Plage Tahiti spot.

Psst: Look for a bigger and better Knit Wit e-store coming soon.