The 13 Best Perfumes to Wear Post-Workout (or Post-Shopping-Jaunt)

As recommended by Philly fitness pros.

PerfumesConfession: I have kept perfume that I don’t even wear (or even particularly like) simply because I dig the bottle. Hey, as we’ve shown, perfume displays can totally add style to any room—even the bathroom. But when you’re coming straight from a workout (or, ahem, a midday shopping jaunt that takes you waaay across town—er, sorry, boss!) you need a spritz of something that doesn’t overpower but still takes away that post-workout stench. Sister blog Be Well Philly to the rescue! They talked to 13 local fitness pros (yeah, these people actually sweat for a living) to find out which scents they turn to to freshen up after a sweat sesh. Bonus? Most of their picks will look pretty lovely on sitting on your countertop, too. You know, in case you care about that stuff. (Yes, we care about that stuff.)

See the 13 fitness-instructor-approved perfumes right here.

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