Eagles Player Malcolm Jenkins is Making Bow Ties and Bringing Them To Philly

The dapper football player is taking his bow tie line to Philly.


The dapper Malcolm Jenkins. Photo via Rock Avenue Bow Ties.

Sometimes the world of fashion crosses over into the world of sports (see: our official style ranking of all the uniforms in the NFL). And now we’re heading back out to the field once again, thanks to football player Malcolm Jenkins, who signed a three-year contract with the Eagles last Wednesday. What this means for Philly: We have a veteran safety on the team who, according to Shoppist’s sister blog Birds 24/7 (I know, can you believe we’re related?) is “an adequate, starting-caliber safety with good size and versatility.” Hm. Okay. But it also means that we’ve now got Rock Avenue Bow Ties, Jenkins’s bow tie and pocket square line.

Jenkins started Rock Avenue while he played for the New Orleans Saints. Now that he’s making the move to Philly, he’s bringing his bow ties with him. Jenkins told TMZ, “”I’m gonna go around the city and see about getting the bow ties into retail stores.” A warning for Jenkins: Philly’s pocket square/bow tie market is a bit saturated. After all, we’ve got Armstrong & Wilson, Ikire Jones and Forage all turning them out. I’m not sure which retailer will bite (maybe Armour, Mettler’s or ToBox?), but look for Jenkins’s flashy bow ties at post-game press conferences next season. And, if you’re feeling so inclined, pick one up here. (My picks: This lace-patterned one and the ridiculous ostrich leather one, which I acutally want for myself.)