We’re Obsessed With Swoonfull, the Main Line’s Awesome New Gift-Giving Service

Santa's elves, you're on notice.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.44.47 PM

The “Break Up” gift box. Photo via Swoonfull.

My new obsession: Swoonfull, a brand-new Main Line-based company that puts together thoughtful, themed gift boxes and sends ’em out for you. They’re basically the elves of the northeast (they call themselves “giftologists”) and they make it ridiculously easy to actually be the kind of friend you always try to be, you know, before life gets in the way. (I can’t tell you how many break-up/new baby/new house/get well gifts I have at home that I’ve never actually gotten around to mailing out. It’s rather embarrassing.)

Swoonfull’s adorable, streamlined site is easy to navigate: It’s divided up into categories—and these get amazingly specific. For example, click “Campus Kits” and you can choose between “Exam Cram” (this box is filled with snacks, nerd glasses, a stress ball, index cards and highlighters, among other things), “Get Well Soon” (Kleenex, tea, hot chocolate, EmergenC, chicken noodle soup, cozy socks) and “Happy Birthdaygram” (party crowns, a banner, noisemakers, a jar of cookies). Other categories:

  • Playground Warriors: These are boxes for the little ones, with themes like dinosaurs, princesses, cars and trucks and zoo animals.
  • The Real World: Boxes geared towards young adults or recent college grads (“You’re Hired!” is a particularly good one.)
  • Feeling Blue: This is where the “Break Up” box is, and it’s amazing: a mani/pedi kit with Essie nail polish, popcorn, candy, Kleenex, and scissors—you know, to “update” all your photos.
  • Hey Baby!: These are filled with everything from things to soothe a newborn to a go-to kit with everything you need to first leave the house with your new baby. Brilliant.
  • Will You? I Do!: The ‘C Is For Carat’ box is way cuter than your run-of-the-mill bottle of champagne.
  • Daily Joy: These are more miscellaneous gift boxes (“Baking Betty” for culinary enthusiasts; “The Survivalist” for outdoorsy folks).

The gift boxes range from $29 to $69 (though most are in the $34-$44 range). You can upgrade any box, and they provide you with lots of customization options (these are in the form of “bonus” gifts you can tack on to any box). Click what you want, write in your personalized note, and the Swoonfull ladies will shop it off to your recipient within one to three days—rush shipping is available, too. Prepare to be on BFF+ status with everyone.