Forget 1-800-Flowers: This Is The Easiest Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

Cancel that order for a dozen red roses, stat.

Sullivan-Owen-2First, let’s state the obvious: Nothing says “I love you” (or “I’m into you”) like flowers on Valentine’s Day. But with seemingly endless options (seriously, we counted 64 options on—including a bamboo variety) it’s easy to fall back on ho-hum red roses. Enter Sullivan Owen, known about Philly Mag HQ as the ‘flower whisperer.’ The Old Kensington-based floral designer has taken three popular designs and turned them into V-Day-appropriate—and drool-worthy—color palettes: champagne, pink and violet.  Guys: Choose one, call up Sullivan and send to your sweetie. (Remember: Valentine’s Day is on Friday!) Now, if you’re on the other side the exchange and would like to be the recipient of one of these bouquets, we suggest strategic placement. Like, make one of the bouquets the background of his iPhone. Or casually leave this blog post up on his desktop. We encourage creativity. (Subtlety be damned!) Designs start at $100 and delivery is available all around Philly, the surrounding suburbs, and parts of New Jersey and Delaware. See? Easy-peasy. Now go share the love.

Sullivan-Owen-3 Sullivan-Owen-4 Sullivan-Owen-5