Market Report: 10 Must-Know Layering Tips For Curvy Girls

And how to wear a tutu in real life.

  • Yeah, Gisele can wear 49 layers and still look svelte and sexy. But when the rest of the world piles it on, most of us look more like this. Here, everything you need to layer in a figure-flattering way. (Purchase #1: A longish vest without buttons.) [Refinery29]
  • Um, there is a bra with a sensor that detects whether or not the wearer is in “true love” and then, and only then, will it unlock. Holy chastity belt. [Huffington Post]
  • So apparently Marc Jacobs is opening a pop-up shop during NYFW next month where shoppers can purchase goods for the rock-bottom price of … a tweet. Is social media the new currency? [Fashionista]

  • The huge tulle skirt: It’s not just for ballerinas and Carrie Bradshaw. This is how you wear it in real life, without looking like an on-the-run ballet dancer. (Side note: Can someone please make that into a movie?) [WhoWhatWear]
  • And now Zooey Deschanel will design clothes for Tommy Hilfiger, which will be sold at select Macy’s stores in April. Dear actors: Stop designing clothes. [WWD]