They Sell What? 7 Surprising Salon Products You Can Get At Target

You'll never guess which ones.

We’ve always loved Target for its capsule collections and alarmingly addictive popcorn designer collabs, but now the retail powerhouse is making a play in the beauty realm. In the past year, Target has introduced beauty concierges at select stores and rolled out plans for a luxury skin care line set to debut next month. So I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised when I was perusing my local Target’s beauty aisle and spotted my favorite salon shampoo, DevaCurl, sitting idly on the shelf. It was in good company, too; Bumble and Bumble was right next to it. Usually these brands are pretty tricky to find, requiring a trip to Sephora or an authorized salon. So I did a little digging to see which other salon goodies are available. Here, six more surprisingly prime finds you can find at Target, as if you needed more reason to shop there.

Word of advice: Give your local Target a call before making a trip; we saw some discrepancies with product availability at local stores.