So Fetch: The Mean Girls Jewelry Line

We're obsessed. Now if only these other quotable movies would be turned into jewelry ...

Generally, we find movie-inspired accessories a bit, er, cheesy. Um, like this. And this. But LA-based jewelry brand Stella and Bow has managed to translate Mean Girls—probably one of the best, bitchiest high-school movies ever made—into a line of jewelry that subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) references the flick. I’m partial to the cuff above—it officially launches mid-February, and will be $110—but the entire capsule collection is pretty hilarious, and also surprisingly wearable. Now that we’ve got “You can’t sit with us” engraved on a cuff (finally), it’s time to branch out into jewelry for other quotable movies. Here’s what we need to see next. (Jewelry designers, you reading this?)

5 Quotable Movies That Need Have Their Own Jewelry Lines

1. Pitch Perfect: Someone needs to make Twig Bitch cuffs.

2. Bring It On: I see a Heather B. Moore-style necklace, engraved with this cheer for the ages: “I’m sexy, I’m cute, I’m popular to boot!”

3. Anchorman: It’s all about the monogram (er, acronym) here. Think something like this, only with the letters: SPH. (Smelly Pirate Hooker, of course.)

 4. This Is Spinal Tap: Envision this: a wide cuff, with eleven stud-like embellishments, and the quote: “These go up to 11.”

5. Old School: Deploy the gemstones.