Shoppist’s 25 Gifts of Christmas: Day 21

The coolest candle you can give this season.

Now that the holidays are officially upon us, we here at Shoppist are in full gifting mode. Each day this month, we’ll unveil our 25 top gifts to buy in Philly this season. (Trust us: We’ve shopped everywhere to bring you the best of the best.)

When it comes to most candles, saying you can reuse the jar is akin to telling a bridesmaid she’ll be able to re-wear her bridesmaid dress. You just can’t. But Jonathan Adler’s Muse D’Or candle—in a surrealist gold glazed ceramic vessel—is the equivalent of a ridiculously flattering and actually cute bridesmaid dress: You’ll totally use the pot again (can you imagine how gorgeous a flower arrangement will look in it?). Which makes the pink pepper and sage balsam scent just a bonus.

The Details: Muse D’Or candle, $78 at Jonathan Adler, Old City.

Give To: Your mother-in-law.


Day 1: A weekender for him.

Day 2: A geometric ring for her.

Day 3: A posh nail polish set for your teenager.

Day 4: A tabletop speaker for dad.

Day 5: A made-in-Philly skateboard for your little brother.

Day 6: A set of Narberth-made essential oils for mom.

Day 7: A bag of made-in-Philly gifts for out-of-town pals.

Day 8: A cool pair of diamond studs for your girlfriend.

Day 9: A metallic bag for your sister.

Day 10: A fleece hoodie for your dog.

Day 11: A wishbone necklace for your best friend.

Day 12: A rugged camping cocktail kit for your boyfriend.

Day 13: A made-in-Philly wooden matching game for your preschooler.

Day 14: A locally grown lavender set for your hostess.

Day 15: A milk bottle carafe for your Office Best Friend.

Day 16: A pom-pom bracelet for your niece/cousin.

Day 17: A wallet and change tray for your husband or dad.

Day 18: A fire pit for your husband.

Day 19: A hilariously adorable doll for your girlfriends.

Day 20: A bar of made-in-Philly soap for a stocking stuffer.