Fat Pants: 5 Stylish Pants That Will Expand With You On Thanksgiving

Elastic waists and drawstrings are your friend.

“Oh, don’t even tell me she’s trying to look all cute in those tight pants on Thanksgiving.”

Three Super-Obvious Things Not To Wear On Thanksgiving:

1. Spanx. C’mon. Give yourself a break.

2. Tights. (These will inevitably roll down and begin to cut off your circulation around whatever course includes stuffing.)

3. High-waisted anything.

I have, at one point or another, worn each of these on Thanksgiving and I still regret it. My secret weapon? The pajama pant, that gift from the heavens that is both slouchy-chic (yes, that’s a thing) and wonderfully, blissfully, eat-all-the-freaking-food-you-want comfortable. Here, five pairs of pants (and what to wear with them) that are blessedly free of pesky things like buttons and zippers and belt-loops, so you can eat as much as you please without feeling restricted.

You’re welcome. Now pass the stuffing. (And maybe don’t tell my friends over at Be Well Philly about this, okay?)