Another Tory Burch/C. Wonder Fashion Line Is Here

Tory's ex-stepdaughters launch Trademark.

Photo by Lexie Moreland

In news that’s important to Philadelphians because at one point in time, Tory Burch was ours (in the way Grace Kelly was once ours, too), the designer’s ex-husband’s daughters, Pookie and Louisa Burch, have announced the launch of their own fashion line, Trademark.

First of all, the names. I’ll let Louisa pass because it’s the name of one of my favorite authors of all time (Ms. Alcott, of course), but Pookie? Yes, it’s a nickname for Alexandra (hmm), but once you’re past the age of six, all nicknames of the indecipherable baby-talk variety should be nixed. Come on, Pookie. What’s wrong with Alex? Ali? Lexie? Lex? Pick one of those and let’s move on.

According to WWD, neither of the sisters has a background in design (hmmmmm), but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem because the company is bankrolled by the duo’s dad, Chris Burch (Tory’s billionaire ex-husband who founded C.Wonder post-divorce, a company that is wildly similar to Tory’s aesthetic, only much less expensive. Zing! Important note: He also founded a namesake label for his rumored girlfriend Monika Chiang, so it seems Mr. Burch is all about gifting people fashion companies). Tory is not involved, though she did extend her well wishes.

As for the actual clothes—the affordable collection (most pieces are between $100 and $200) includes 105 ready-to-wear pieces, 18 jewelry styles and 14 accessories—WWD reports:

“Dark green, burgundy, navy and bright red are the brand colors, while silhouettes are derived from the traditionally preppy with an artistic bent — the work of Donald Judd and Barnett Newman was a reference point.

Fabrics and finishes are spare and modern, such as a classic raincoat in a high-shine plastic material, and a woven jacket in mint green with a curving neckline that folds back to show the dark-green satin lining. Thick sailor T-shirts come in black-and-white and red-and-white stripes. There’s a red gingham shirtdress, and a white piqué pleated A-line skirt — tennis anyone?”

The sisters plan to open a SoHo store and open e-commerce by February. In other news, wannabe designers, here is my advice to you: Forget design school. Just date Chris Burch.