Chloé’s Summer 2014 Shoes Are Fugly

When did the heels of shoes disappear?

First things first: Chloé’s summer 2014 collection is absolutely gorgeous. Gauzy, diaphanous  silhouettes in crisp whites, army greens, and splashes of deep blue were complemented by restrained accessories—glints of gold, small cross-body bags. But then there were the shoes.

At first glance, I immediately thought these were  typical runway show footwear issues, only magnified by a million: the too-big feet of gangly models shoved into wildly too-small shoes (which results in horrific-looking post-fashion-week feet). But these were even worse: These were intentional, the angular wedge heel suddenly dropping off, basically leaving the poor heel suspended in mid-air, like it’s about to jump off a cliff.

Sure, they’re not as garish as Lady Gaga’s heel-less monstrosities. Or Marc Jacobs’s bizarre backwards pumps. But in the end, they just make your feet look huge or, worse, like you decided no one would notice if you crammed your size-8 tootsies into a pair of size-5 shoes.

In short: Leave these for the runway. (Your podiatrist will probably thank you.)