Brown Betty Celebrates Its Birthday with Cupcakes for a Cause

Donate $3 to Feeding America and get a free cupcake on October 20

Brown Betty Dessert Boutique is turning six this October. Was it really six years (and 25 pounds) ago that we tried that coconut cake for this first time? Yowza.

In the meantime, owner Norrinda Brown has expanded with two more “petite” Bettys (Rittenhouse and Liberty Place) and sold bazillions of cupcakes. And this was before cupcakes were the new bacon. These days, Brown tells us the Bettys sell an average of 25,000 cupcakes per month.

To celebrate Betty’s success, they’re offering (sorta) free cupcakes. Here’s the deal: you donate $3 to hunger-relief organization Feeding America via Brown Betty’s Facebook page. Then print out your proof of donation and bring it to any of Betty’s three locations on Wednesday, October 20th and get a free cupcake. Voila!

Fine print: There’s a three cupcake limit per person (meaning you can donate up to $9 and get three free cupcakes, max).

Brown Betty Dessert Boutique, 1030 N. 2nd Street, 215-629-0999
Brown Betty Petite Rittenhouse, 269 S. 20th Street, 215-545-0444
Brown Betty Petite Liberty Place, 1625 Market Street (entrance on 17th Street), 215-988-1888,