Hot Doughnuts Soon! Krispy Kreme Is Back

The first Philly-area store will open in early November

Back in April, doughnut fans rejoiced when the news broke that a new Krispy Kreme franchisee had been awarded rights to the Philadelphia area (the previous area franchisee went bankrupt back in 2005, leaving fans of the chain in a state of doughnut despair after all of the local stores closed).

Hold on to your cream fillings: the first of the new Philly stores will open in early November in the Northeast section of the city. We spoke with managing partner Brian Zaslow, who’s currently in Krispy Kreme’s training program — doughnut school! — to find out about the new Krispy Kreme and where the next of the 21 locations they’re slated to open over the next seven years might end up. Center City! The Main Line!

While the previous franchisee was more wholesale-focused, Zaslow tells us the new Krispy stores to be retail-friendly. They’ll have free WiFi and a kid’s corner to encourage customers to linger (and a drive-thru, in case they can’t).

“We want people to come and enjoy themselves there,” says Zaslow. “It should be a great customer experience.”

In addition to the original hot glazed — and yes, Zaslow assures us, there will be the all-important “HOT NOW” light prominently displayed, which will be turned on when the glazed doughnuts are being made — Krispy Kreme will serve 15 doughnut varieties. There will also be a full line of coffees and espresso drinks, and other baked products like muffins and bagels, plus they’ll offer catering.

The first location will occupy a former Popeye’s at 7855 Oxford Avenue in Fox Chase. Zaslow says he has a tentative plans for a second branch in Bensalem, but that he’s looking everywhere across the region. “Hopefully, we’ll be in Center City. There’s a great market there,” he said. “We’re anxious to bring stores all over the area.”

How about the Main Line? “Absolutely, we’re actively looking there. I’d like to have a contest eventually on our website to ask folks ‘why should we come to your town?'”

Well, allow the Restaurant Club to help you out. Where would YOU like to see a Krispy Kreme open? Let us know in the comments.

Krispy Kreme, 7855 Oxford Avenue, Fox Chase,