Stephen Starr Heading to South Philly with His Next Project

The restaurateur signs an agreement of sale for the Broad Street Diner... again

Hot on the heels of announcing he’s signed a lease for the building on the corner of 18th and Sansom Streets (which will be a gastropub that may or may not involve New York’s Spotted Pig), Stephen Starr told the Restaurant Club today he’s also signed an agreement of sale for the Broad Street Diner in South Philadelphia. But wait? Isn’t this the same Broad Street Diner Starr had already signed an agreement of sale for last year, then backed out of after discovering it had “environmental issues?” Yes. Yes it is. What’s the deal, Stephen?

“The price is cheaper now,” said Starr. As for the environmental issues, Starr says they involve mold and can be easily remedied. He says he’s tossing around a few ideas as far as concept goes, but isn’t sure where he’ll land. During his previous dalliance with the property, he had considered a Greek or Mexican restaurant, but says those are both of those are off the table now. He said he’s “taking suggestions” — ours was a beer garden — so why don’t you go ahead and give him your suggestions in the comments below? One thing we do know: it will have a liquor license.