Cupcakes Gourmet Readies a Second Batch

Good news for Main Liners who aren’t on a diet: Frazer’s Cupcakes Gourmet is opening a second location in October at 279 East Swedesford Road in Wayne.

The “gourmet” moniker is well deserved — owners Maki Garcia Evans and Heather Carter use a bevy of high-quality ingredients, and their spongy cakes are topped with decadent seasonal icings and ganaches like cinnamon spice, zesty lime, carrot cake, and peanut butter. But there are even more reasons why CG won a Best of Philly last year: We love love love their mini-cupcakes and adore the sampler packs they put together (like “Simply Vanilla,” “Tropical,” and “Neopolitan”), and they are happy ship to anywhere — even as far away as, um, Center City. 288 Lancaster Avenue, Frazer, 484-318-8057;