Big Changes for Center City’s Restaurant Week

The premise, of course, remains the same: During Restaurant Week, the city’s best restaurants put together three courses for us for just $35. But just about everything else has changed:

    • Restaurant Week is officially two weeks this year — September 13th through 18th, and 20th through 25 — and there are 114 restaurants participating.

    • A lot of the restaurants will also be offering a $20, three-course lunch deal over the course of the two-week run.

    • Since it sometimes seems as if restaurants aren’t offering the best deals during RW, they’ve promised us that all menus must have a value of $55 or more — meaning that some places have actually added a fourth course.

But wait, there’s more! There are events during the week, you can follow RW on Twitter, and the restaurants are taking reservations now over the phone or through OpenTable. Visit the Center City District site for more details and a list of restaurants (many with menus).