Just Listed: Renovated Extended Trinity in Rittenhouse Square

This handsome extended trinity boasts original woodwork and modern amenities. And it has room to grow.

house for sale renovated rittenhouse square extended trinity exterior front

Stucco walls and colorful windows lend a touch of the Mediterranean to the row of nontraditional extended trinities that begins with this one at 2030 Latimer St., Philadelphia, PA 19103 | Bright MLS images via Keller Williams Philly

The 2000 block of Latimer Street in Rittenhouse Square looks like it would be more at home among the “little streets” of Washington Square West. It has the same intimate character as those narrow lanes, and also like them, it’s lined with trinities like this renovated Rittenhouse Square extended trinity house for sale.

This one sits at the east end of a row of nine identically styled, stucco-clad trinities that are distinguishable from one another by the color of their wood window frames, cornices and doors. It’s also one of those houses for which the year-of-construction field in the property data sheet is clearly incorrect.

house for sale renovated rittenhouse square extended trinity main floor

Main floor

That much becomes clearer once you enter the house. The quality of its cherry hardwood floors and inlays, the detail on and style of the door frames and those arched-top multi-light windows in the rear wall and front door on the main floor are simply too intricate for this house to have been built in 1960. So, for that matter, are the cornices on the facade. I suspect that sometime in the 1910s, or 1920s at the latest, is more accurate.

But no matter. When this house got renovated recently, all that woodwork got refinished and renewed. And everything else became much more modern.

house for sale renovated rittenhouse square extended trinity kitchen and dining room

Kitchen and dining room

Starting with the kitchen on the main floor, which also serves as a dining room.

house for sale renovated rittenhouse square extended trinity kitchen


The granite counters, black contemporary cabinets, mosaic tile backsplash and stainless-steel appliances (including a Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer dishwasher) are definitely au courant. They’re also included in the sale.

You may also note that this is one of those rare trinities with straight staircases. These will make moving your own furniture upstairs easier.

house for sale renovated rittenhouse square extended trinity rear patio

Rear patio

It’s also unusual in having two outdoor spaces and the potential for a third. The first of them is this attractive brick patio in back of the main floor. A doorway in the ell that contains part of the kitchen leads to it.

house for sale renovated rittenhouse square extended trinity second-floor balcony

Second-floor balcony

On the upper two floors, that ell contains a bathroom. Next to it on the second floor sits this balcony.

living room

Living room (bedroom)

living room

Living room (bedroom)

The current owner has configured the second floor as a living room, but it could also function as a bedroom or home office.



Its bathroom contains a retro toilet and vanity and a modern soaking tub.

primary bedroom

Primary bedroom

The primary bedroom occupies the floor above. A trapdoor in its beamed ceiling provides access to the roof, which could be outfitted with a roof deck.

primary bedroom

Primary bedroom

Both bedrooms have enough storage space in the form of closets, built-in shelves and cabinets below the windows (and above them on the top floor).

primary bathroom

Primary bathroom

The primary bathroom has all modern fixtures and a stall shower. The renovation also installed a washer and dryer (also included in the sale) in one of the bathrooms.

And the house has room to grow both down as well as up. A trap door below the stairs from the main floor to the second floor leads to a fully excavated basement that offers storage space or could be finished as additional living space. (If you do the latter, you should consider installing a proper staircase to that basement.)

Something else this renovated Rittenhouse Square extended trinity house for sale has in common with its Wash West analogues is a very convenient location. It sits just two blocks from the square itself and around the corner from the restaurants and neighborhood shops of South 20th Street. A pleasant stroll through the square puts you near the heart of the Rittenhouse Row shopping and dining district along Walnut and neighboring streets.

So not only do you get traditional style and modern convenience, you also get the best of both worlds: Wash West intimacy and Rittenhouse Square sophistication.





SALE PRICE: $599,000

2030 Latimer St., Philadelphia, PA 19103 [Liz A. Lutz and Noah Ostroff | Philly Living | Keller Williams Philly]